Hims & Hers adds GLP-1 injections to weight loss program

The company said its drugs will be more accessible than brand-name versions thanks to a partnership with a manufacturer of generic and 503B compounded injectables.
By Jessica Hagen
01:14 pm

Photo: poba/Getty Images

Direct-to-consumer virtual care company Hims & Hers is the latest digital health company to announce it will add GLP-1 medications to its offerings to assist users with weight-loss management.    

The San Francisco-based company, which launched its weight-loss program in December, said users will now have access to generic and 503B compounded injectable medications and oral medication kits for weight management that start at $199 a month. 

In a statement, the company said its medications will be more readily available than brand names like Ozempic or Wegovy thanks to a partnership with a U.S. manufacturer of generic versions of GLP-1s. 

"We’ve leveraged our size and scale to secure access to one of the highest-quality supplies of compounded GLP-1 injections available today. We’re passing that access and value along to our customers, who deserve the highest standard of clinical safety and efficacy to meet their goals, and we're doing it in a safe, affordable way that others can’t deliver," Andrew Dudum, CEO and cofounder of Hims & Hers, said in a statement. 


Researchers continue to evaluate the safety of GLP-1 medications for long-term use. 

One study published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy revealed there is increasing data on the potential of pancreatic carcinoma associated with GLP-1 receptor agonists.

However, another study published in JAMA Network Open showed that researchers found no support for increased pancreatic cancer incidence after seven years following the start of GLP-1 treatment.  

Other companies that have added GLP-1-focused offerings to their platform include digital chronic-condition-management company Lark Health

Digital weight-loss company Noom announced its commercial business, Noom for Work, and national pharmacy benefit manager Liviniti were partnering to offer plan sponsors and their employees a digital GLP-1 Companion for chronic weight conditions.