Two individuals with one in a wheelchair and the other standing over them with the two putting their heads together
By  Nathan Eddy 02:17 pm May 21, 2024
Caregivers can order rides and deliveries for their care recipients and pay for the service using the care receiver's health benefits.
A group of clinicians discussing an X-ray report on a television screen
By  Adam Ang 09:34 am May 21, 2024
Also, Optiscan is working with Mayo Clinic to develop a digital endomicroscopic imaging system for robotic surgery.
Healthcare provider sitting near a window while wearing a stethoscope and looking at a tablet
By  Jessica Hagen 06:35 pm May 20, 2024
The suit alleges Teladoc made misleading claims about its advertising spending related to BetterHelp causing decreased revenues and a substantial drop in its stock price.
Two scientists in a laboratory setting looking at a piece of paper near some beakers
By  Jessica Hagen 01:14 pm May 20, 2024
The company said its drugs will be more accessible than brand-name versions thanks to a partnership with a manufacturer of generic and 503B compounded injectables.
Person in a blue shirt with a tie walking down the street while looking at their phone
By  Jessica Hagen 06:31 pm May 17, 2024
The launch of the WayFinding platform comes just weeks after the company announced it secured $126 million in funding.
Healthcare provider sitting at a desk while wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around their neck and speaking with someone on a computer
By  Jessica Hagen 01:27 pm May 17, 2024
Whole Health Rx will be powered by WellSync, which develops customizable telehealth services for businesses.
A clinician reading a report from a desktop computer.
By  Adam Ang 12:45 am May 17, 2024
Hackers may have entered through one of its third-party vendors.
Two people shaking hands
By  Jessica Hagen 05:49 pm May 16, 2024
ConcertAI hires former business leader at Philips, GE HealthCare, RadNet and Amazon AWS.
Healthcare provider standing in a hallway wearing green scrubs and a stethoscope around their neck while looking at a tablet
By  Jessica Hagen 01:35 pm May 16, 2024
The organizations will codevelop an atrial fibrillation program that provides clinical decision support tools and patient coaching between clinical visits.
Healthcare provider wearing scrubs and a face mask while looking at screens with diagnostic images on them
By  Jessica Hagen 08:48 pm May 15, 2024
A group of bipartisan senators is encouraging legislation to support the deployment of AI in healthcare and implementing guardrails to ensure patient safety.